A look At Some Undercounter Ice Maker Choices

If you have been thinking about getting an undercounter ice maker, then you’re in the right place. Hopefully after seeing the benefits of this machine your mind will be made up.

The cube tray is not always the most convenient for making ice,  which is where the under counter ice maker comes into play. Here are some of the advantages:

Money Saving

One of the best things about an undercounter machine is the money you can save. This is because an ice maker is specifically designed to make ice. It will create ice more quickly and efficiently.

In the long run having the ability to make your own ice means you wont have to make any.


Unlike a ice tray a machine will give you ice without the need of having to dislodge ice manually from a tray. You in-turn get a higher quality of ice.

A good ice make can produce up to 86lbs a day and keep the ice frozen for much longer

Design Style

Trivial to some but essential to others an undercounter machine is stylish and often fits in well with your current decor. Companies such as u-line even make personalized machines which is an added bonus.

Because of the stylishness they can be used in place of trash compactors or other unwanted appliances, without taking up any extra room.

(1)- Whynter UIM-501SS Stainless Steel Built-In Clear Ice Maker

Whynter UIM-501SS Stainless Steel Built-In Clear Ice MakerThe Whynter UIM-501SS is a built in stainless steel ice maker and is a great compliment to and kitchen, especially the modern looks. It will also fit in nicely with the bar area.

The machine can produce 50lbs of ice daily which makes it ideal for in house use, you can then store 25lbs of ice inside its storage bin.

The stainless steel build is great for preventing smudges and finger print build up as well. It also ensures that wear and tear are kept at a minimum.

The Whynter is designed to be energy efficient and once fitted you can expect restaurant quality ice at home when ever you want it.

(2)- Scotsman CU2026SA-1 200 Lb. Air Cooled Small Cube Undercounter Ice Machine w/80 Lb. Bin

Scotsman CU2026SA-1 200 Lb. Air Cooled Small Cube Undercounter Ice Machine w80 Lb. BinThe Scotsman CU2026SA-1 200 Lb can produce small ice, which makes it great for blended drinks as well as easy to handle in general. The ice’s ability to break down easily makes it ideal for drinks, as it creates a smooth finish as it does so.

You can produce 200lbs of ice per day with this machine and it is air cooled, which means ice can be stored.

The Cabinet is made from very durable rust-free rotocast plastic, which means you can expect to use this machine for years.

The cord length is pretty good at 6ft and it also includes 6 inch legs.



The MIM75 to 95lbs Ice Machine

MaxxIce MIM75 Ice MachineThe MIM75 is a popular choice it can produce up to 95lbs of ice each day, and is able to store 25lbs of ice in it’s storage bin. Stainless steel has been used to construct the unit – so you can expect long use of this machine. This will also make cleaning the machine low maintenance.

The ice produced is crystal clear and in bullet shape, called this because of its shape. The ice works well with use in home,  restaurants, bars, hotels, grocery stores, and more.

This machine can be used as a built in ice machine or it can be free-standing. You can use the machine with a standard home electrical current and it can also be used for commercial use.



(4)- SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker – 50-Pound

SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker – 50-PoundThis undercounter ice maker is able to make you 50lbs of ice a day. The ice is also of the highest quality. Because it has front ventilation and it’s height is 32.8 inches it is able to be built in under a counter. You can also use the unit as a free standing unit too.

It has it’s own removable bin which is able to store ice up to 25lb. The door is stainless steel and is reversible so you can choose if you want it opening from the right side or left side. The machine will also shut off when the ice bin is full.

To use this ice machine it is recommended that only filtered or purified water is used, this will increase it’s life span. If other waters are used it is recommended that the machine is cleaned every other week with with citric acid, which will prevent mineral build up.

(5)- Sunpentown IM-150US Undercounter Ice Maker with Stainless Steel Door

Sunpentown IM-150US Undercounter Ice Maker with Stainless Steel DoorThe Sunpentown IM-150US is designed to give you an easy ice making experience. It is made with a stainless steel door, and can produce 12lbs of ice daily. The ice is crescent shaped.

The compact size of this ice maker means that it can fit very easily under most counters. It is a great companion for your office home, bar, RV or boat. It has its own small 6lb freezer compartment which allows you to store ice.

When the ice storage compartment is full the machine will also shut off, therefore saving you money as well. The unit is kept vented via a front exhaust fan. The design will compliment a free standing set up or a built in set up.

You should seek assistance from a professional when installing this unit as you should when installing any ice maker.

We hope you have been enlightened by the different ice machine options that you have. You can search through our reviews and find even more options if you’re still undecided.

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