A Guide For The Emerson Portable Ice Maker

The Emerson Radio Company was founded in 1948, they have become one of America’s largest volume consumer electronics distributors. They have been a recognized trademark since 1912.

Emerson are one of the oldest and well-respected names when it comes to the consumer electronics industry.

The main emphasis of the Company’s designs and marketing is directed at audio and video products which are  tailored to meet the needs of the consumer.

The products that they offer are televisions, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) players and video cassette recorders (VCR’s), audio accessories, microwave ovens, home theater, high end audio products, office products, mobile stereo and wireless products.

The Emerson portable ice machine has fast become the unit of choice for portable’s in this arena. They are affordable and have a nice sturdy build.

(1)- Emerson Portable Ice Maker

Emerson Portable Ice MakerThis portable little ice machine is made in a stylish all white and is ready to be transported where ever you want to take it. You can have ice on demand as long as you have it with you.

Small, but still makes 24lbs of ice in 24 hours. You get the added feature of a low noise compressor too. This means you will hardly hear it while it’s in operation – which can only be a good thing, especially if you have other things to do that require a quite atmosphere.

You get basic storage capabilities of 2.2lbs. It can make up-to 9 bits of ice every 10 minutes, so you wont have to wait to long overall for your cubes.

It produces bullet shaped cubes, in small, medium and large sizes to choose from. The unit has a simple to control electric panel that you can use to operate the machine, which features a simple display.

(2)- Emerson Portable Ice Maker – Silver

Emerson Portable Ice Maker – SilverThis silver colored unit from Emerson is great looking. You can have it fit in with the rest of your decor with limited fuss. The look of an appliance is always a beneficial feature and neutral silver makes this an easy choice.

You get a well built unit as well as some really useful accessories to make the ease of use much easier. You are supplied with an ice scoop which enables you to easily pick up ice. You are also given an ice basket.

There are plenty of units that don’t have the features this machine has. In terms of safety and security there is an auto shut off mechanism.

The daily ice amount that is available is 26lbs and it makes 3 types of bullet shapes also. You can store 2.2lbs of what you make and the flip up lid makes it easy to access the ice.

These are the top portables made by Emerson, if you want a wider range of small makers to choose from you can checkout our other articles and find something that is more to your liking.

(3)- Della Portable Ice Maker

Della Portable Ice Maker This highly rated portable ice maker is manufactured by Della. It is a top loading machine that produces up to 26lbs of ice daily. It sports a sleek, compact design with see through window to allow for processing monitoring. A built-in alert system when low water level or maximum ice capacity is reached. Highly recommended!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Do you have any small home ice makers that make pellet, not bullet ice? Thank you

  2. Lela says:

    I am looking for a small home ice maker that has chewable ice.

  3. Karrie says:

    I haven’t found a nugget ice machine for less than almost 500$, but thankfully, here in S GA we have a gas station chain that sells it by the bag.

  4. Issaceluff says:

    TOP 3 2017

  5. thanks forr the info

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