Here Are Some Follett Ice Machine Choices You May Like

Follet have been around since 1948 and are a very seasoned manufacturer of high quality products, specifically innovative ice storage bins, ice machines, ice and water dispensers and more.

They have the goal of reaching 100% public satisfaction, so they are always pushing for perfection. They pride them selves on providing the perfect machine to deal with the industry that it is needed for.

They patented their first Follet ice nugget machine in 1968. They then introduced this into their 100lb free standing ice machine model.

In 1968 they received a patent for their ice maker that produces nugget ice and delivers it through a tube to a receptacle above the machine. Follett incorporates this ice maker into its 100 lb free-standing ice dispenser.

In 1993 the Symphony ice and water dispenser was introduced by Follett. They then expand their product line with the U300 an undercounter dispenser which has a large ice storage compartment.

You can have a look at some Follett’s ice makers below:

(1)- FOLLETT 7UD100AIWCFST00 Description Nugget Dispenser

FOLLETT 7UD100AIWCFST00Follett’s 7UD100AIWCFST00 7 series is an ice and water dispenser, so if you need a drink and ice this an ideal machine. It’s only 34 inches high making it ADA approved.

It is an air cooled unit that makes Chewblet nugget ice as they call it. It can make up to 125ibs of ice in 24 hours. It has a 7lb ice storage capacity also.

The exterior is stainless steel, which is sleek and durable. It has an internal filter and push button controls. It has been designed to cater for up to to 25 people.

(2)- FOLLETT-HCD1000NBT-Chewblet-900-lb-Storage

FOLLETT HCD1000NBTFollett’s HCD1000NBT Chewblet has been made so that your ice needs can be met. It creates granular shaped ice. You can get 409kg of ice in 24 hours.

The ice made requires clean water, so filtered water is recommended. the ice produced is very efficient. There is also storage for the ice that is made in the unit.

The size of the ice maker HCD1000NBT is 490mm in length, 600mm in height and 580mm in depth. The reliability of the machine is improved by it’s built quality, as it is made of stainless steel.

The power and current required for this machine are 5.1 kW, voltage – 120 V, current frequency – 50/60 Hz.

(3)- FOLLETT HCD1000NMS Satellite 900 lb Diverter

FOLLETT HCD1000NMS SatelliteFollet’s HCD1000NMS Satellite, will produce all the ice you need it creates granular shaped ice, so it’s chewable and easy to consume. It has the capability of producing upto 409kg of ice every 24 hours.

You will need to adhere to good ice making practices when making ice, this means using the right type of water. It should be clean, usually filtered water is best.

The ice that is made can be stored in the units storage compartment, which is an useful addition. The dimensions are length – 490 mm, depth – 580 mm, height – 600 mm. The stainless steel material makes this a durable and strong unit.

(4)- Follett 7CI100A Nugget Ice Dispenser

Follett 7CI100A 7 SeriesFollett 7CI100A is part of their 7 series of ice dispensers. It’s a very well built model and is an integral air cooled ice machine. You can get very consumable ice from this machine as it makes chewblet compressed nugget ice.

You can make 125lbs of ice every 24 hours with this machine which is a considerable amount depending on your needs of course. The storage capacity is 7lbs so you can store a good amount of ice once it has been made.

The machine does not have an internal filter, so its advised that you use clean water when making ice. The ice machine makes ice that can be used for 25 people.

You can rely on the Follett, to be a good durable machine, that will give you the right amounts of ice that you need. There are many other machines to choose from and you can check them out here also.

Follett are established and are are definitely a good place to start when looking of an ice machine

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