A Look At The Hoshizaki Ice Machine And Some History

The Hoshizaki ice machine is a popular brand when it comes to buying an ice maker. The name sounds “Japanese” but they’re an American company. Although the company was started in 1947, in Japan by  Mr. Shigetoshi Sakamoto.

The American Subsidiary was established in 1981 Los Angeles, California. The primary products manufactured are commercial icemakers, dispensers and refrigerators.

That being said the company has been one of the largest manufacturers of ice machines for years. There mission statement is to be the largest manufacturer and supplier of food service equipment and to put the customer needs first.

(1) – Hoshizaki AM-50BAE-AD, 55 Lbs Ice/24Hr Top-Hat Ice Machine

Hoshizaki AM-50BAE-AD, 55 Lbs Ice 24Hr Top-Hat Ice MachineThe AM-50BAE-AD is a good ice producer and can give you 55lbs of ice in 24 hours. It has a compact size and can fit under the counter. It’s height measures 32 inches. This also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The build is a durable stainless steel exterior. It has been approved for out door use too so you have even more options. When you create ice you can also store half of it as it lets you store 27 lbs.

You can power the unit up by the power switch without needing to remove it’s panel. Cleaning has been made easy with its simple disassembled water circuit.

This ice machine uses fewer working parts which increase it’s overall life span. It also has a reversible door so you can choose to fit it left or right sided.

(2) – Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH Cubelet-Style Ice Maker Water Dispenser w/ 282-lb Production

Hoshizaki DCM-270BAHHoshizaki DCM-270BAH can create a huge amount of ice if this is what you need. It is an air cooled self contained unit also. The ice is made to be used, as it makes 282 lbs of ice and will only store 8.8 lbs of it.

This is a counter model so it gives you options when it comes to space saving. Operation of the unit is push but simple.

The ice bin storage is made from stainless steel on the exterior and has H-GUARD protection. The machine also uses Antimicrobial technology to bring you fresher ice cube. It has 4 inch legs.

(3) – Hoshizaki KML-250MWH Ice Maker

Hoshizaki KML-250MWHThe KML-250MWH  ice machine is water cooled it also has a low profile design which is good for low ceiling settings at just 22 inches high. The machine produces 314lbs of ice a day – cube shaped.

It has been designed to be durable and give you long time service with it’s stainless steel exterior. It also uses H-Guard Plus – antimicrobial protection, which increases sanitation.

The unit is operated with a 115V electrical connection, in-order to use it you will need to hard wire it, as there is no cord or plug supplied with it. To install you will need to consult the manual to find out the correct process and requirements.

(4)- Hoshizaki C-100BAF-AD, 92 Lbs Ice/24Hr Cublet Flaker Ice Machine

Hoshizaki C-100BAF-ADHoshizaki’s C-100BAF-AD can make 92lbs of ice in 24 hours. It’s undercounter design comes up to 34 inches. So it is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

It comes with UL approval so it can be used outside. The storage capacity for ice is 22lbs. You can access the power switch without the need to remove the panel.

Clean up is easy with it’s disassembled water circuit capabilities. It has a front in and out air flow. The reversible door is also a convenient addition too.

Check out the suppliers online to see if you can find this ice make all the best!

(5) – Hoshizaki B-900*F Ice Storage Bin 660 lb – “NOT AN ICEMAKER“

Hoshizaki B900FThe B-900 is a storage bin for ice, so if you need all your ice stored this is a great companion to accompany any ice maker. Most ice makers come with storage, but this is usually only half the amount for the ice it can make.

You can store up-to 660lbs of ice and keep it crisp and clean. You get a 2 year warranty. It has been constructed so that it can be side side an ice maker or stacked on-top. You will need to use the manufacturers manual to determine sizes.

The storage bins feature vinyl clad galvanized steel cabinet exterior which is designed to help make cleaning easy.

The size dimensions are as follows the height is 46 inches, the Width is 52 inches and the depth is 32.5 inches.

These ice makers from Hoshizaki are top of the line. We have also provided a storage bin hers so that you have an option, when it comes to storing your ice.

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