Ice Machine Cleaner Guide

As well as a having a good ice maker cleaning it is also important to maintain your machine overall. Here are some simple tips you can use as well as some quality cleaners.


You should ensure that your ice machine is never exposed to too much heat. Temperatures no less than 40F and no higher than 90F is a good range to follow. Check that the machine also has good air flow.


Clean the exterior parts of the machine at least weekly. You can also use diluted bleach on stainless steel or commercial machines to prohibit mold growing.


Clean the air filters frequently. Any dust, grease or other dirt’s can limit the air filters efficiency and decrease the ice makers performance.

NOTE: Never hit or bang the air filters against anything when cleaning, as this is likely to damage the filter.


Routine checks of the ice makers storage bin and any drain pipes, is necessary to eradicate any debris build ups that may occur.


Avoid using the ice machine for anything other than for making and storing ice. You should also steer clear of stacking boxes and or store supplies on top of the machine.


Sanitizing the machine after you have cleaned it is highly recommended. You should do this by following the manufactures instructions. The areas that you should concerned with are the storage bin and dispenser if you have one.


When cleaning is complete you should test all the cycles of your machine. This is done by checking the freeze and harvest times – as well as looking at the parts in-case replacements are needed. You should also throw out the first batch of ice made after you have cleaned the machine.

Here are the top ice maker cleaner detergents:

Whirlpool 4396808 Ice Machine Cleaner 16-Ounce

ice machine cleaning image

Nu-Calgon 428734 Ice Machine Cleaner 16 oz

nu calon cleaner


You should keep in mind that the number of times you clean an ice machine cam vary considerable from machine to machine.

The quality of water being used as well as where the unit is installed or place can also affect how frequently you carry out cleaning.

When preparing foods especially those that contain yeast, such as bread – it’s important that special attention payed to yeast bacteria, as this can impact a machines operation.

Typically for commercial machines cleaning is every 1,2 or 3 months. The instruction manual will give a more definite answer. Adhering to instructions will ensure the longest life and running time of your unit.

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  1. John says:

    These are all good tips. Many people forget to clean their ice machine. Not cleaning and sanitizing the machine is like drinking from the same cup of water for 3 months without sanitizing it.

  2. Eden says:

    Well nice tips to take care of an ice maker here! Mostly people don’t take pain to clean their ice maker machine but it is good if you sanitize it at least twice a week.

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