Edgestar Ice Maker Guide – 5 Machines We Picked Out

The EdgeStar and KoldFront are the top performing brands under the Living Direct company umbrella.

EdgeStar and KoldFront brands sole purpose are to design products that cater for the fast busy lifestyle of today’s consumers. They aim to provide you with products that make the frantic pace of life more easy.

There is still the emphasis on quality so they are not just about the mass production of cheaply made products.

EdgeStar has fast become the industry leader within the compact appliances field, they have developed a number of notable compact and portable appliances, one at the top of the listing being the portable ice machine.

(1)- EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker – Stainless Steel Door

EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker – Stainless Steel DoorThis ice maker has all the portable needs covered. It makes 12lbs of ice which is an ample amount if you’re having some friends over.
The height and size of the machine are within ADA standards. It’s height is just 24.25 inches.

It doesn’t require a drain as it has a Refrigerated Freezer Compartment – what this means is that you can store ice in the actual icemaker, which is why a drain will not be necessary.

The mixture of colour here is also good because you get an unit that can go well with most other things around it. The Stainless steel door and it’s black external body are sure to fit in with you decor and home bar, all the while looking good as it’s doing it.

Edgstar have made a solid machine here. It comes with a 1/4 Water Line so you can get the most out of it. You can also get the ice you need from the machine without too much trouble, as you can use the ice scoop that has been conveniently been provided.

(2)- Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker – White

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker – WhiteIf you need an affordable compact ice maker look no further. The Koldfront Ultra is a great buy and comes with lot’s of satisfied customers to back it up. It can give 26lbs of ice which is very good for such a small machine.

You can make 2 different types of ice cube with this unit which is an added benefit. Depending on what type of ice you want you can have it. There’s the choice of a softer and hard ice choice. You can get ice in under 10 minutes too, so there’s not too much waiting around.

You store some of the ice you make although not a great amount, as it let’s you keep 1.5lbs of ice in it’s storage bin. The machine has been made to be a perfect portable device that you can take with you.

The Koldfront ultra can be used for a number of different scenarios and places. Some places suggested are, RV, Cabins and Boats. it’s small size makes it a perfect unit to travel with.

(3)- EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker – Titanium

EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker – TitaniumEdgeStar’s titanium portable is being talked about all over. The compactness of this machine is appreciated by the many uses that have had the pleasure of purchasing it. It has all the features that justify it’s good reports.

You can get all the ice you need, 28lbs of it. This is more than a lot of other portable ice machines on the market. There’s no drain requirement as the machine can store ice, even though it is very small.

If you need ice now this is your machine. You can get ice in as little as 10 minutes, once you power this unit up and supply the water that it needs. The ice you get also looks stylish as well as tasty, with it’s bullet shape.

The Titanium is designed with a cool look and is compact enough to be portable, great for events you may be host to. Ideal for kitchen use as well as on the counter top.

(4)- EdgeStar Full Size Ice Maker – 65 lb. Capacity

EdgeStar Full Size Ice Maker – 65 lb. CapacityThe EdgeStar Full Size ice maker still has emphasis on portability, but this model is for those that want more ice than, what an actual portable will give you. It is designed to look like a bread bin, but it still looks stylish.

You can use this ice machine in a number of ways either free standing or as a built in unit. This is great if you have a fixed position you want to put it in, or if you know that it will have to be moved. It’s black lid and stainless exterior give it a sleek look.

You can make varying types of ice with this full ice maker which is also an added bonus. If you want the hard ice it can give you this. If you are looking for ice that is more chewable you have this option also.

You can use this unit for a number of different occasions. It produces enough ice for a small business and is suitable for the home also. You can make as much as 65lbs of ice with this ice maker

(5)- Koldfront Built-In Clear Ice Maker – Black

Koldfront Built-In Clear Ice Maker – BlackThis Koldfront ice machine is for those that need more ice than the ever so popular portable devices can give you. It’s a popular model amongst consumers and has the functionality to show off why people like it. It’s black stylish look will also wow your visitors.

You can set this unit in a number of different way, which makes it flexible. You are not stuck with one set up as it’s possible to have it set up as a free-standing machine or install as a built in unit. So you can always change things up in the future.

The storage capacity is great as you can store half of the ice that you produce. This means you’re not going to waste what you make. The unit makes up to 45lbs of ice and stores 25lbs. This is an ideal ice maker for a number of different scenarios.

If you run a small business, such as a restaurant this is an ideal unit. It also produces quality ice of restaurant quality, which is an added benefit. The ice quality is second to none too as it produces clear ice.

The Edgestar ice maker with it’s counter part Koldfront brand have built them selves up as leaders in the portable ice machine market. But as you can see they also have some quality smaller business and household models.

You have the choice of a number of different models – check out more reviews and choose a maker that you like.

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  1. Ice maker make it easy to get ice in very less time. Kold Front built in clear ice maker as wastage of ice is reduced in it. There are more category for countertop and undertop ice maker.

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