Ice Proud – Ice O Matic Icemakers And More The best ice machine review site Sat, 09 Oct 2021 22:37:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Sonic ‘Nugget’ Ice Machine Reviews- Residential & Commercial Sat, 09 Oct 2021 14:49:00 +0000 Sonic ‘nugget’ ice is one of the most popular from of ice anywhere! This article discusses the origins of the term ‘sonic ice’ and will show you which are the best nugget ice machines available for purchase for your home or business.

What are the leading Sonic ‘nugget’ ice machine brands?

There are 3 very popular nugget ice machine brands capable of making great tasting chewable ice. They are listed below:

  • Scotsman
  • Della
  • Edgestar

We will discuss models from all 3 of these nugget ice machine manufacturers.

Nugget ice machines designed by Scotsman, the creator of sonic ice machines. Scotsman machines are very expensive, over $2,500 and up. Since this is outside the budget for many of us, we also covered lower priced machine from Della and Edgestar which are capable of creating nugget, sonic inspired chewable ice at a more reasonable price.

These machines typically cost between $150-300, so this may be the best route to go if you are a budget and do not require a lot of ice on a daily basis.

Before we discuss nugget ice machines, let’s go over what nugget ice is and where the term originated

Where did the term Sonic ice come from?

The term Sonic ice has become the most popular name for this edible ice because of the Sonic restaurant drive thru chain, where the ice is readily available.

The truth is chewable ice was originally created by the industry leaders in ice making machines in 1981, Scotsman, which they call nugget or chewable ice.

Other terms for Sonic Ice are:

  • Chewable ice by Scotsman (the true originators of sonic ice)
  • Pellet ice
  • Nugget ice
  • Pearl ice

A picture of this Sonic Ice is below:


How can I make Sonic Ice Machine at my residence or business?

A sonic nugget ice maker machine in your home or business will ensure that you have chewable ice available for use whenever you need it. There are many different type of nugget ice makers available depending on your needs and budget. We focus on the top 3 popular brands.

A guide to Popular Sonic Nugget Ice Makers from Scotsman, Della and Edgestar.

Scotsman SCN60PA-1 Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine

Scotsman SCN60PA-1SS Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine Door Finish: Stainless Steel, Drain Type: Pump

To start off our review, we have what seems to be one of the best nugget ice making machines in the country. There is really no comparison when it comes to ice makers. We have to admit, you’ll be paying a premium for this machine, but you’ll be getting the best.

The nugget ice is normally in small chunks, chewable and can take the flavor of whatever drink they’re in. The machine contains lighting in the ice bin with a self-closing door. The Scotsman Ice maker can make up to 80 pounds of ice per day and26 of that can be stored. The design of the machine is such that you can install it under the counter in your home, patio bar or even yacht.


Below are some product specs for the Scotsman SCN60PA-1 Brilliance Nugget Ice Machine. These specs have been taken from the Amazon website. As of this writing, Amazon page has reviews from 55 customers with a 4.5-star rating.

  • 80 lbs. Nugget Daily Ice Production
  • 26 lbs. Ice Storage
  • Interior Light
  • Self-Closing Door
  • Requires Custom Pane
  • Item Weight: 129 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22.8 x 14.9 x 33.4 inches


  • It offers quick ice production
  • The LED light in the cabin is a plus
  • There is an LED light to remind you about routine maintenance


  • The machine is expensive

Scotsman SCN60GA-1SU Brilliance Series Nugget Ice Machine

Scotsman SCN60GA-1SU Brilliance Series 15

The next machine on our list still comes from Scotsman and is a part of the brilliance series as well. The product is slightly cheaper, but offers the best service. The nugget ice maker has 15 inches in width and can produce over 80 lbs of ice daily.

On top of that, you could also store 26 lbs of ice in the ice maker as well. This nugget ice maker is approved for use outdoors and offers a user-friendly control panel as well as a lighted bin.


Below are some product specs for the Scotsman SCN60GA-1SU Brilliance Series. These specs have been taken from the Amazon website. As of this writing, Amazon page has reviews from 2 customers with a 3.5-star average rating because one customer found it noisy.

  • Produces over 80 lbs. of ice per 24 hours
  • 26-lb. ice storage capacity
  • Produces nugget ice
  • Outdoor approved
  • User-friendly control panel; lighted bin
  • Item Weight: 129 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 22.8 x 14.9 x 33.9 inches


  • It’s quiet compared to other models
  • It can produce plenty of ice for home use
  • It looks great with the stainless-steel finish


  • The price is still on the high side

DELLA 048-GM-048225 Portable Ice Maker

DELLA 048-GM-48225 Portable Ice Maker Machine High Capacity, Yields up to 26 Pounds of Ice Daily

We feel that this ice machine is one of the few that we’ve seen that incorporates technology very well. It’s perfect for home use not as much for business due to the amount it produces. You can expect to get up to 26 lbs of ice daily from this machine. It can also hold 2lbs of ice in a well-insulated bin.

It has alerts that let you know when the ice container is full or when the level of water on the reservoir is low. It can also notify you when the ice bucket is full. The unit is user friendly in its use as well as controls. The LED controls are easy to use and the unit doesn’t need any sort of installation to work. There is a see-through window at the top that can be used to check how far the ice making process is at.


Below are the product specs for DELLA 048-GM-048225 Portable Ice Maker. These specs have been taken from the Amazon website. As of this writing, Amazon page has reviews from 94 customers with a 4.2-star rating.

  • Sleek performance Oriented design and compact size with a removable tray for easy ice transfer
  • Easy push touch buttons with Icons for digital control; Yield Up To 26 Pounds of Ice Daily
  • See through window allow for process monitoring & ice level checking
  • Alerts of peace of mind: Low water level & maximum ice capacity reached
  • Perfect for your RV, boat, or small kitchen, this ice maker is compact, bars, restaurants, portable and works anywhere there is an outlet available
  • Item Weight: 21.9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 15 inches


  • It can produce ice quickly
  • It’s durable
  • Its compact


  • Does not produce as much ice

Again, Scotsman ice machines are very expensive, and outside the budget for most of us. That said, Della does make some very popular ice machine capable of making chewable nugget ice. Please see below for more information on their products.

DELLA 048-GM-48293 2-in-1 Water Dispenser with built in Ice Maker

DELLA 048-GM-48293 2-in-1 Water Dispenser w/ Built-In Ice Maker Freestanding Machine, 2-Size Cube

Here we have a free-standing machine that’s compact and useful. This ice maker from Della also doubles as a water dispenser. Due to its size, you can’t really get that much ice out of it, but it does have some amazing features. The controls are easy to use and understand.

It has LED notifications and alerts to let you know when the ice needs to be emptied out or the water reservoir is full. It’s ideal for both office and home as its compact and also has a spill tray to catch any spills. It can also dab into being a crushed ice maker as you can adjust the size of the ice from big to small.


Below are the product specs for the DELLA 048-GM-48293 2-in-1 Water Dispenser with built in Ice Maker. The specs were taken from Amazon. As of this writing, Amazon page has reviews from 1 customer with a 5-star rating.

  • 2-in-1 Water Dispenser with a Built-in Ice Maker
  • Easy to use and portable design is ideal for any Kitchen / Office / Lobby / Break Room
  • Easy-to-use controls, you can adjust the cube size from small to large
  • Ice and Water dispensing system; Certifications: ETL, CSA, UL Listed
  • Overall Dimension: 15″(L) x 10-1/4″(W) x 14″(H)
  • Item Weight: 24 pounds


  • It’s compact
  • It’s user friendly


  • It doesn’t produce enough ice for large consumption

Is a Sonic Ice Machine worth the price?

The price for an ice machine that makes this quality ice can be pretty steep for most people, but it’s definitely a life time investment. If you’re a regular eater of ice 3 bags of ice a day is not uncommon. A bag of ice can cost anywhere from $1.49-2.00. If we do the math 3×1.49 = $4.47 a day! If we multiply that by 365 days in a year the total cost is $1,631.55! A good ice machine by Scotsman that makes their ground-breaking 1981 chew-able ice will cost you Just over $2500.


These are just a few of the most popular sonic ice makers on the market. There are many more nugget ice machine models to consider for your home or business that we did not cover. You can click here to see those.

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How To Self Freeze Your Coca-Cola And Other Fizzy Drinks! Sun, 04 Oct 2015 16:55:09 +0000 If you want your coca cola frozen just right prepare to be wowed! The video below will show you how you can get your cola to self freeze and get the perfect consistency of slush.


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Frigidaire Ice Maker Guide – 5 Refrigerators With Ice & Water Dispensers Sun, 20 Jul 2014 09:15:16 +0000 Frigidaire is an American company brand who produce consumer as well as commercial appliances.

The company was founded in 1916 as the Guardian Refrigerator Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It received more investments from General Motors personally coming from William C. Durant in 1918.

In the 20th century the Frigidaire brand was so popular people began to call any refrigerator “Frigidaire”, whether that was it’s name or not.

There is speculation on how the company got it’s name, some say it was the slang word for fridge.

The company was owned by General motors between 1919 to 1979, it was later purchased by Electrolux in 1986.

In 1965 Frigidaire introduces ice makers that were able to dispense ice from the front of the freezer door. Ice could be accessed by pressing a glass up against a cradle to activate the release of ice. The ice could be administered as ice cubes or crushed ice. Some models also dispensed cold water.

(1)- Frigidaire-FFHS2622MS

Frigidaire-FFHS2622MSThis is one of the best looking refrigerators that you can find. Frigidaire are known for their fridges and this is another quality model. It’s silver finish and double doors gives it it’s sleek look and you can be sure that you can store all that you want in it.

You get stacked drawers and the bins inside can be adjusted so that you can arrange your food stuff more easily inside. It also includes a gallon door. You can also adjust drawers temperature for your fruits so the temperatures are just right.

The water that you get from the front of the machine is filtered so you know you’re getting the very best. A lot of the shelves are spill proof, which means that cleaning the machine is going to be more easier.

You get the ice and water from the front of the machine at the push of a button. This gives you a perfect glass of water with ice included.

(2)- Frigidaire FFHS2313L 22.6 Cubic Foot Side-by-Side Refrigerator with PureSource 3

Frigidaire FFHS2313L 22.6 Cubic Foot Side-by-Side Refrigerator with PureSource 3This double door-ed unit comes in a number of colors, black, white and stainless steel. It has it popularity amongst buyers because of the variation of styles of color. All of which allows it to seamlessly fit in with other kitchen decor.

You can clean up the FFHS2313L easily because of it’s spill proof technology. If you need more room then you can also easily adjust the drawers to do so. Overall you should be able to get what you want into this fridge easily.

There’s a filter in the machine so that you can get the right type of water from the machines water dispenser. You can also get ice from the unit also.

You can also save your self some energy, because the FFHS2313L, will go into power saving mode if it’s doors are not opened for 24hours. You can change options on the fridge by just the touch of a button.

Similar Models:

Frigidaire FFHS2622MB <===

Frigidaire FFSC2323LE <===

(3)- Frigidaire FGHC2331PF Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator – Energy

Frigidaire FGHC2331PF Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator – Energy StarIf you need a good looking fridge then this is a great one to look at. You will be wowed by it’s overall build quality. You can get a unit here made from stainless steel, which is a perfect match with most kitchen decor.

There are approximately 100 ways that this fridge can be organized. You can control all the drawers with a humidity control options to keep all your food stuff in the best shape possible especially fruits.

The stainless steel makes this unit fingerprint resistant. This will help when it comes to cleaning up the machine. You can get all the best filtered water with ice from the front of the machine.

The spill safe capability is a crowd favorite, as cleaning of the machine becomes less of a challenge for users. The depth of the machine allows you to get countertop depth, but still full fridge capacity. Saving you space in the kitchen.

(4)- Frigidaire DGHF2360PF Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire DGHF2360PF Gallery 22.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Counter Depth French Door RefrigeratorThe Frigidaire DGHF2360PF is a French door refrigerator and has all the looks that make this model a great choice. The standard Stainless steel look is also a highlight when choosing this fridge.

You can get the best space efficiency here, as it has great usability space on the inside. This translates to the out side which also has space saving dimensions too. The storage also supports tall and large items.

You can configure the drawers so that they are just the right temperature – great for keeping things at their best temperature to be used later. The drawers can also be stacked flexibly, i.e. on top of each other or side by side.

You can get water and ice from the front of the machine too. The Water is filtered so expect the highest quality of water and ice, from its front dispenser.

(5)- Frigidaire Gallery FGHC2345LF 22. 6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Side By Side Refrigerator Stainless Steel

Frigidaire Gallery FGHC2345LF 22. 6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Side By Side Refrigerator Stainless SteelThe Gallery FGHC2345LF has a nice design that is distinct. It’s edges give it a cool styling and it’s build quality is second to none. Reviews have suggested this as a good machine as well as a good looking unit.

The stainless steel refrigerator is built to be strong. This unit is built to be in harmony with all the other kitchen furniture’s that you have. Frigidaire up hold their reputation as a top fridge provider here.

The space saving capabilities you get within this unit are a major talking point, if you want space this can be the perfect choice for you. You can sort all the drawers in the Refrigerator to suit your needs.

The water dispenser offers all the things you want such as clean drinking water and also ice to go with it. It becomes a quick source of ice and water.

These Frigidaire Refrigerator’s with water and ice dispensers are some of the top machines for you to choose from. There are not many Machines to choose from but these are some of the top ones to choose from.

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Edgestar Ice Maker Guide – 5 Machines We Picked Out Thu, 17 Jul 2014 22:55:27 +0000 The EdgeStar and KoldFront are the top performing brands under the Living Direct company umbrella.

EdgeStar and KoldFront brands sole purpose are to design products that cater for the fast busy lifestyle of today’s consumers. They aim to provide you with products that make the frantic pace of life more easy.

There is still the emphasis on quality so they are not just about the mass production of cheaply made products.

EdgeStar has fast become the industry leader within the compact appliances field, they have developed a number of notable compact and portable appliances, one at the top of the listing being the portable ice machine.

(1)- EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker – Stainless Steel Door

EdgeStar 12 Lbs. Built-In Ice Maker – Stainless Steel DoorThis ice maker has all the portable needs covered. It makes 12lbs of ice which is an ample amount if you’re having some friends over.
The height and size of the machine are within ADA standards. It’s height is just 24.25 inches.

It doesn’t require a drain as it has a Refrigerated Freezer Compartment – what this means is that you can store ice in the actual icemaker, which is why a drain will not be necessary.

The mixture of colour here is also good because you get an unit that can go well with most other things around it. The Stainless steel door and it’s black external body are sure to fit in with you decor and home bar, all the while looking good as it’s doing it.

Edgstar have made a solid machine here. It comes with a 1/4 Water Line so you can get the most out of it. You can also get the ice you need from the machine without too much trouble, as you can use the ice scoop that has been conveniently been provided.

(2)- Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker – White

Koldfront Ultra Compact Portable Ice Maker – WhiteIf you need an affordable compact ice maker look no further. The Koldfront Ultra is a great buy and comes with lot’s of satisfied customers to back it up. It can give 26lbs of ice which is very good for such a small machine.

You can make 2 different types of ice cube with this unit which is an added benefit. Depending on what type of ice you want you can have it. There’s the choice of a softer and hard ice choice. You can get ice in under 10 minutes too, so there’s not too much waiting around.

You store some of the ice you make although not a great amount, as it let’s you keep 1.5lbs of ice in it’s storage bin. The machine has been made to be a perfect portable device that you can take with you.

The Koldfront ultra can be used for a number of different scenarios and places. Some places suggested are, RV, Cabins and Boats. it’s small size makes it a perfect unit to travel with.

(3)- EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker – Titanium

EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker – TitaniumEdgeStar’s titanium portable is being talked about all over. The compactness of this machine is appreciated by the many uses that have had the pleasure of purchasing it. It has all the features that justify it’s good reports.

You can get all the ice you need, 28lbs of it. This is more than a lot of other portable ice machines on the market. There’s no drain requirement as the machine can store ice, even though it is very small.

If you need ice now this is your machine. You can get ice in as little as 10 minutes, once you power this unit up and supply the water that it needs. The ice you get also looks stylish as well as tasty, with it’s bullet shape.

The Titanium is designed with a cool look and is compact enough to be portable, great for events you may be host to. Ideal for kitchen use as well as on the counter top.

(4)- EdgeStar Full Size Ice Maker – 65 lb. Capacity

EdgeStar Full Size Ice Maker – 65 lb. CapacityThe EdgeStar Full Size ice maker still has emphasis on portability, but this model is for those that want more ice than, what an actual portable will give you. It is designed to look like a bread bin, but it still looks stylish.

You can use this ice machine in a number of ways either free standing or as a built in unit. This is great if you have a fixed position you want to put it in, or if you know that it will have to be moved. It’s black lid and stainless exterior give it a sleek look.

You can make varying types of ice with this full ice maker which is also an added bonus. If you want the hard ice it can give you this. If you are looking for ice that is more chewable you have this option also.

You can use this unit for a number of different occasions. It produces enough ice for a small business and is suitable for the home also. You can make as much as 65lbs of ice with this ice maker

(5)- Koldfront Built-In Clear Ice Maker – Black

Koldfront Built-In Clear Ice Maker – BlackThis Koldfront ice machine is for those that need more ice than the ever so popular portable devices can give you. It’s a popular model amongst consumers and has the functionality to show off why people like it. It’s black stylish look will also wow your visitors.

You can set this unit in a number of different way, which makes it flexible. You are not stuck with one set up as it’s possible to have it set up as a free-standing machine or install as a built in unit. So you can always change things up in the future.

The storage capacity is great as you can store half of the ice that you produce. This means you’re not going to waste what you make. The unit makes up to 45lbs of ice and stores 25lbs. This is an ideal ice maker for a number of different scenarios.

If you run a small business, such as a restaurant this is an ideal unit. It also produces quality ice of restaurant quality, which is an added benefit. The ice quality is second to none too as it produces clear ice.

The Edgestar ice maker with it’s counter part Koldfront brand have built them selves up as leaders in the portable ice machine market. But as you can see they also have some quality smaller business and household models.

You have the choice of a number of different models – check out more reviews and choose a maker that you like.

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A Guide For The Emerson Portable Ice Maker Thu, 17 Jul 2014 22:14:51 +0000 The Emerson Radio Company was founded in 1948, they have become one of America’s largest volume consumer electronics distributors. They have been a recognized trademark since 1912.

Emerson are one of the oldest and well-respected names when it comes to the consumer electronics industry.

The main emphasis of the Company’s designs and marketing is directed at audio and video products which are  tailored to meet the needs of the consumer.

The products that they offer are televisions, Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) players and video cassette recorders (VCR’s), audio accessories, microwave ovens, home theater, high end audio products, office products, mobile stereo and wireless products.

The Emerson portable ice machine has fast become the unit of choice for portable’s in this arena. They are affordable and have a nice sturdy build.

(1)- Emerson Portable Ice Maker

Emerson Portable Ice MakerThis portable little ice machine is made in a stylish all white and is ready to be transported where ever you want to take it. You can have ice on demand as long as you have it with you.

Small, but still makes 24lbs of ice in 24 hours. You get the added feature of a low noise compressor too. This means you will hardly hear it while it’s in operation – which can only be a good thing, especially if you have other things to do that require a quite atmosphere.

You get basic storage capabilities of 2.2lbs. It can make up-to 9 bits of ice every 10 minutes, so you wont have to wait to long overall for your cubes.

It produces bullet shaped cubes, in small, medium and large sizes to choose from. The unit has a simple to control electric panel that you can use to operate the machine, which features a simple display.

(2)- Emerson Portable Ice Maker – Silver

Emerson Portable Ice Maker – SilverThis silver colored unit from Emerson is great looking. You can have it fit in with the rest of your decor with limited fuss. The look of an appliance is always a beneficial feature and neutral silver makes this an easy choice.

You get a well built unit as well as some really useful accessories to make the ease of use much easier. You are supplied with an ice scoop which enables you to easily pick up ice. You are also given an ice basket.

There are plenty of units that don’t have the features this machine has. In terms of safety and security there is an auto shut off mechanism.

The daily ice amount that is available is 26lbs and it makes 3 types of bullet shapes also. You can store 2.2lbs of what you make and the flip up lid makes it easy to access the ice.

These are the top portables made by Emerson, if you want a wider range of small makers to choose from you can checkout our other articles and find something that is more to your liking.

(3)- Della Portable Ice Maker

Della Portable Ice Maker This highly rated portable ice maker is manufactured by Della. It is a top loading machine that produces up to 26lbs of ice daily. It sports a sleek, compact design with see through window to allow for processing monitoring. A built-in alert system when low water level or maximum ice capacity is reached. Highly recommended!

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Ice Machine Cleaner Guide Thu, 17 Jul 2014 19:04:14 +0000 As well as a having a good ice maker cleaning it is also important to maintain your machine overall. Here are some simple tips you can use as well as some quality cleaners.


You should ensure that your ice machine is never exposed to too much heat. Temperatures no less than 40F and no higher than 90F is a good range to follow. Check that the machine also has good air flow.


Clean the exterior parts of the machine at least weekly. You can also use diluted bleach on stainless steel or commercial machines to prohibit mold growing.


Clean the air filters frequently. Any dust, grease or other dirt’s can limit the air filters efficiency and decrease the ice makers performance.

NOTE: Never hit or bang the air filters against anything when cleaning, as this is likely to damage the filter.


Routine checks of the ice makers storage bin and any drain pipes, is necessary to eradicate any debris build ups that may occur.


Avoid using the ice machine for anything other than for making and storing ice. You should also steer clear of stacking boxes and or store supplies on top of the machine.


Sanitizing the machine after you have cleaned it is highly recommended. You should do this by following the manufactures instructions. The areas that you should concerned with are the storage bin and dispenser if you have one.


When cleaning is complete you should test all the cycles of your machine. This is done by checking the freeze and harvest times – as well as looking at the parts in-case replacements are needed. You should also throw out the first batch of ice made after you have cleaned the machine.

Here are the top ice maker cleaner detergents:

Whirlpool 4396808 Ice Machine Cleaner 16-Ounce

ice machine cleaning image

Nu-Calgon 428734 Ice Machine Cleaner 16 oz

nu calon cleaner


You should keep in mind that the number of times you clean an ice machine cam vary considerable from machine to machine.

The quality of water being used as well as where the unit is installed or place can also affect how frequently you carry out cleaning.

When preparing foods especially those that contain yeast, such as bread – it’s important that special attention payed to yeast bacteria, as this can impact a machines operation.

Typically for commercial machines cleaning is every 1,2 or 3 months. The instruction manual will give a more definite answer. Adhering to instructions will ensure the longest life and running time of your unit.

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Manitowoc Ice Machine Guide – Here Are Some Consumer Choices Thu, 17 Jul 2014 18:35:42 +0000 Since its beginnings in 1964, Manitowoc Ice as a company has been at the pinnacle of technology development.

Manitowoc have made it their goal to provide customers with all their needs as well as high quality equipment that becomes a long term investment.

It’s a hard task to build the best ice machine, but with a commitment to the task Manitowoc are up for the challenge.

The Q-Series from Manitowoc has been responsible for the first aesthetically designed line of ice machines.

Their S-series range has also been the first to meet sanitation needs established by NSF/ANSI Standard 12-2003.

Their Indigo Series created in 2011 – was the pioneer in introducing monitoring and intelligent diagnostics of refrigeration systems. This development has been responsible for the following:

  • Setting better production levels
  • Making the cleaning process more streamline
  • Improved food safety
  • A higher maintained ice quality overall
  • A quick display of service information

If you are environmentally conscious then you will be happy to know that the these ice machines use environmentally friendly parts which are non-CFC refrigerants. A lot of their machines are also Energy Star compliant.

They manufacture a complete range of ice machines i.e. 200 plus models in the ice-making arena, producing ice ranging from 65 to 3,380 pounds (30 to 1536 kgs.) per day.

Manitowoc is America’s number one brand of ice machine sellers.

(1)- Manitowoc B-320 Ice Bin 210 lb.

Manitowoc B-320 Ice Bin 210 lbThis ice bin has been designed with simplicity in mind. The design is simple and it’s size makes it a great fit for most places that you want to put it. If you need to store ice then look no further.

If you want to match the storage bin with a machine then Manitowoc S-322 and S-422 ice machines are the ones you need to do so. The rim of this bin is designed strategically – so that you don’t hear the bin cover closing loudly.

Sanitation is improved by the internal scoop holder which is installed above the ice liner which also gives you easy access. The “DuraTech” stainless steel exterior makes the bin durable and corrosion proof also. The legs of the bin can be adjusted from 6 inches to over 7 inches.

Now you can store up to 210lb of ice with out fear of it melting. If you buy a compatible ice machine as mentioned above you can fit it on top of this storage bin. Depending on the unit you buy an adapter may be needed if you want to install an ice maker on top of it.

Similar ice bins:

“Click Here <=== To get available ice bins”

(2)- Manitowoc QM-45A – 95 LB Air-Cooled Dice Cube Undercounter Ice Machine

“Get The Manitowoc Click Here <===

Manitowoc QM-45A - 95 LBThis machine has cool looks it has a decreet design, so you can have it blend in with the rest of your décor, if this is a worry. Steel and black are a cool mix for any environment.

You can benefit greatly with this machines ability to clean it’s self. It has it’s very own patented system. Which make sanitizing easy. All you have to do is pour some cleaner in flip a switch and the cleaning takes a total of 24 minutes.

If you need small ice production then this is a good machine to choose. It’s an air cooled unit with the ability to fit into spaces that are small and under counters.You can also store a size-able amount of ice i.e. 30lbs.

You can access ice easily with the sliding door. It’s CFC free, so takes into consideration the environment. You can produce 95lbs of ice which is pretty good.

(3)- Manitowoc ID-0502A_B-400 530 Lb Air-Cooled Full Cube Ice Machine w/ Storage Bin

Manitowoc ID-0502A_B-400 530 LbYou have a big durable machine here. The style is not the main concern here, but it’s cool for a a business environment. It’s designed to be economical and easy to use, which is always good for a commercial machine.

The ID-0502A indigo series ice maker, will produce cube style ice which is the ice that most people want to see. You can get a large amount of ice from this machine 560lbs of ice is good for any business or large gathering.

You can store a lot of ice if you need to – the storage bin is able to hold as much as 290lbs of ice. Although the machine can hold and produce a lot of ice it is still pretty small in width as it’s only 30 inches.

The width of the ID-0502A means that you don’t have to struggle when finding somewhere to place machine, as it has a good width. You can enjoy the cube style ice produces now too.

Similar ice machine:

Manitowoc ID-0502A <===

(4)- Manitowoc SM-50A 53 lb. Air Cooled Undercounter Octagon Ice Machine w/ 25 lb. Bin

Manitowoc SM-50A 53 lbThis ice maker is designed in a such a way that it looks very appealing to the eye, if that’s what you’re after. You will definitely wow guests and onlookers with the styling of this unit alone.

You can use it as a stand alone or have it installed as a built in system too. You also have the added option of placing it beside a wall as it has the right front air intake and an exhaust. It’s compact size make it easy to find a home for the unit.

You can get 53lbs of ice from this machine even though it is relatively small in size. You can also program it so that it starts making ice at specific times, which is beneficial if you need quite for a certain time of the day.

You have options when setting things up as you can change the door around. It comes with a door hinged to the right side, but this can easily be changed. So you can have a machine with the door on the left side if that’s what you need.

The insulation used is environmentally friendly and features CFC-free foam, which is excellent for the ozone layer. It also comes with an integrated water filter system which can be exchanged when needed. The legs can be adjust an inch also.

(5)- Manitowoc NEO UY-0140A Air Cooled 132 Lb Half Dice Cube Undercounter Ice Machine

Manitowoc NEO UY-0140AThe NEO UY-0140A has, nice easy looks, it’s simple with a sliding door that you can use to access the ice made without too much trouble. The classic black and stainless steel look is a great addition to any business or large home.

The machine is designed to be user friendly. you can save your self a lot of space with this item also. You could use this machine as a supplement to one that you already have. You can make a good amount of ice with this machine. It boasts 132lbs of ice production.

You can use the storage bin for putting cubes in, if you need to keep cube them on ice. The amount of ice that you can produce is 132lbs and you can also store 80lbs of what you make. You get indicator lights that show when the bin is full or you need to service.

You have the simple controls that allow you to delay the power i.e. the time the machine comes on. You can also pause it for 2,12 or 24 hours. It’s a good machine for period in the day.

There you have it some top ice makers that you can look into. there are also more reviews on this site that you can reed as-well.

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A Guide For Choosing From The Many Ice Machines For Sale Mon, 14 Jul 2014 18:13:38 +0000 If you’re looking for an ice machine for sale then you are in the right place. Hopefully you will find exactly what you are looking for. There are different types of ice machines – which means different pricing.

If you are looking for a portable ice maker then you can get one. The pricing for a portable machine will cost you between 100 – 300 dollars.

If you are looking for an undercounter ice maker – these are a little bigger than the portable machine and will generally produce more ice. You can generally pick one up from 300 – 5000 dollars.

Here we have found 5 of the top ice making machines in both categories.

Here are the machines for sale that we found for you:

(1)- NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker


NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker – RedThis neat compact design is great for a small kitchen and other small spaces, such as the RVs, the boats or other small places.

You can produce a size-able 28lbs of ice in 24 hours, you’ll never need to go to the store again when you have this machine. You get 3 ice settings you can use via it’s easy to use control panel.

The great thing about a portable ice maker is that there’s no need to install it just plug it in and you’re read to go. It will only take you 15 minutes to start enjoying ice.

The design comes with high regards and the ice produced is dependable and the company continues to get better with their innovative approach to things.

(2)- Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker

Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Portable Stainless Steel Ice MakerThe SPP15AIM has a well insulated compartment for storage, but it’s not a freezer. The size of this ice maker is just 15 inches in height, this makes it ideal for counter tops or for use in a bar.

You can expect ice in as little as 10 minutes which is just an added bonus. You can make 33lbs of ice and store 2lbs of ice with it. It allows for the use of bottled and tap water.

So you can have ice in a mater of minutes. You can even use the water that you want because of the flexibility that this portable device gives you

To get you hands on this device there ar plenty of places providing it so you’re really spoilt for choice.

(3)- IGLOO 26LB Freestanding – BLACK – RED – WHITE – SILVER

IGLOO 26LB Freestanding – BLACK – RED – WHITE – SILVERA fitting name for an ice maker IGLOO, but is the ice of igloo quality. The verdict seems to be yes.

It is perfect for any party or gathering that maybe in the works, it can also be pulled out if you have a spur of the moment event.

The style of the ice maker is great in the black color that it comes in. It looks great outdoors or indoors. Because of it’s portability you can get a refreshing drink where ever you can get a power supply.

You have 2 cube sizes to choose from. There are electronic controls that make operation easy. You can produce 26lbs of ice in 24 hours. You can get ice in as little as 6 minutes, and there is a 1.5lb reserve of ice. It even features a 3.1 L water capacity reserve that can allow you to make up to 26 lbs. of ice in just 24 hours.

When the ice melts you don’t have to drain it as the ice will drain back into the reservoir. You will also be happy to know that the machine in operation puts out a small amount of noise.

(4)- SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker

SPT IM-600US Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice MakerThis maker requires filtered water and it should be installed by a licensed plumber also. It can only be a good thing that you use filtered water. This will ensure the machine lasts long and that you are consuming only the cleanest ice.

It has a stylish stainless steel door which also consists of a black cabinet which features a front fan for the exhaust. You have flexibility when installing, as you can either go for the free standing fix or built in, which ever is most preferable.

When you have finished making the ice the machine will shut off if the ice bin is full. You can get up to 50lbs of ice and there is room to store 25lbs of the ice also.

All these ice makers are heavily reduced in price – if you want to make even more ice you can check out our other posts. These for sale ice machines only make limited amount of ice, unfortunately.

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Our Best Portable Small Ice Maker Guide Mon, 14 Jul 2014 18:13:37 +0000 Small and Portable ice machines are very popular choices. You can choose from an huge array of brands on the market when looking for an ice maker.

Some of the benefits of a portable ice maker compared to the undercounter machine are as follows:

Production Of Ice

A small ice machine is best for residential use and can often produce 22lbs of ice a day and upwards. You should be aware that they it will produce more ice that you can buy locally. Which usually only goes up to 3lbs.

A good tip is to keep ice already created with your portable machine in the freezer, as they are not insulated to the level where they are freezer like, so the ice will melt eventually.

An undercouner will produce more ice as much as 80lbs a day so 4 times as much ice can be made daily.

Size and Usage

A small machine is mostly used in RV’s, Boats and on a countertop. The average size is height and depth 13-14 inches and the width 9-12 inches. Placing the machine in most places will be easy for that reason.

Obviously an undercounter is bigger, considerably so i.e. 20-34 inches in height and 15 inches in width.

Installing The Ice Maker

No installation is required with a small machine accept, plugging it in. You then only have to pour water into the unit, which will create the ice.

With an undercounter ice machine you will need to have a water supply connected to the machine, so the initial set up takes some time. Also you wont have the flexibility of being able to move the machine when you want. It’s also good to buy a filter, as this will keep the ice tasting nice.

Ice Made

With the smaller ice machine it will usually only make two types of ice. One is bullet ice which is a bit softer and normal cube shaped ice which is harder and bigger.

An undercounter ice maker can make much more types of ice, such as  crescent half-moon shaped ice, clear cube, gourmet, and nugget ice, the highly desirable and chewable Sonic style ice.

You can take a look at some of the small machines that we have below:

(1)- Newair AI-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker with 50 Lbs. Daily Capacity

Newair AI-215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker with 50 Lbs. Daily CapacityWith Newair’s AI-215SS you can get 50lbs of ice out of this machine, which is great for a portable machine. It’s perfect for parties and other events.

The machine also has a self cleaning functionality, this is a great addition, which makes cleaning the machine much easier. It has indicator lights that give you signals, such as when to add water to the unit or when you should empty the ice bin.

The design of the machine is free standing, this makes it easier to use the machine in different places such as on a boat, on the patio or in the home bar. There is no installation required, all you have to do is plug in the device and add clean water. You can then get freshly made ice.

(2)- MaxiMatic MIM-5802 Mr Freeze Portable Ice Maker

MaxiMatic MIM-5802 Mr Freeze Portable Ice MakerThis Mr. freeze portable clear ice maker is serious about the ice that it makes. It’s the only ice maker of it’s kind that makes ice in 30 minutes.

The machine is great for a home bar set up. You can mix drinks until your heart is content. It is easy to carry this machine where ever you want. You can take it to parties, wet bars, recreation and game rooms, and even boats and RV’s etc.

The machine gives you the ability to make cubes of ice of different sizes, and the quality is not jeopardized. You can get good quality ice that is not cloudy with this machine, so it’s important to use the cleanest water for the best tasting ice.

The unit has a 15L water tank capacity. When the machines ice bucket is full or the water levels are low then, there is a light signal. You can get 24 cubes of ice in 30 minutes.

(3)- EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel Maker

EdgeStar Portable Stainless Steel MakerEdgeStar’s portable ice maker is a very popular choice where ice machines are concerned. The controls are also very convenient to use and are electronic.

The machine can store 2lbs of ice at a time. There are 3 different ice cube settings that you can choose from. The design of the unit is wrapped in stainless steel with a silver lid.

There is a 1 gallon water storage, there is no drain fixing required. You can produce ice in just 10 minutes with this unit.

It has the ability to make 28lbs of ice daily, which is a perfect amount of ice, especially for your RV, boat, or small kitchen.

(4)- Polar PIM10BLS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker

Polar PIM10BLS Stainless Steel Portable Ice MakerThe Polar PIM10BLS is a small portable ice maker that is easy to use. All you have to do is pour water into the device and hey presto! It also has a conveniently installed viewing window, which make it possible to see ice when it is done.

Ice can be made in just a few minutes, it comes with an ice scoop, which makes picking up the ice easier. It is easy to add ice to the machine as it also comes with an easy pour jug. It also comes with a removable storage drawer which makes cleaning easy among other things.

You can make up to 26lbs of ice every 24 hours. There’s no need to think about any type of plumbing also, as all you need to do is plug it in and add water.  It’s portability makes it great for transporting.

These are some of the most popular portable ice machines that you will find. You can go through them and see what others have sad about them. There are also many more that you can find if you want something different.


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A Look At The Hoshizaki Ice Machine And Some History Mon, 14 Jul 2014 18:13:37 +0000 The Hoshizaki ice machine is a popular brand when it comes to buying an ice maker. The name sounds “Japanese” but they’re an American company. Although the company was started in 1947, in Japan by  Mr. Shigetoshi Sakamoto.

The American Subsidiary was established in 1981 Los Angeles, California. The primary products manufactured are commercial icemakers, dispensers and refrigerators.

That being said the company has been one of the largest manufacturers of ice machines for years. There mission statement is to be the largest manufacturer and supplier of food service equipment and to put the customer needs first.

(1) – Hoshizaki AM-50BAE-AD, 55 Lbs Ice/24Hr Top-Hat Ice Machine

Hoshizaki AM-50BAE-AD, 55 Lbs Ice 24Hr Top-Hat Ice MachineThe AM-50BAE-AD is a good ice producer and can give you 55lbs of ice in 24 hours. It has a compact size and can fit under the counter. It’s height measures 32 inches. This also complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The build is a durable stainless steel exterior. It has been approved for out door use too so you have even more options. When you create ice you can also store half of it as it lets you store 27 lbs.

You can power the unit up by the power switch without needing to remove it’s panel. Cleaning has been made easy with its simple disassembled water circuit.

This ice machine uses fewer working parts which increase it’s overall life span. It also has a reversible door so you can choose to fit it left or right sided.

(2) – Hoshizaki DCM-270BAH Cubelet-Style Ice Maker Water Dispenser w/ 282-lb Production

Hoshizaki DCM-270BAHHoshizaki DCM-270BAH can create a huge amount of ice if this is what you need. It is an air cooled self contained unit also. The ice is made to be used, as it makes 282 lbs of ice and will only store 8.8 lbs of it.

This is a counter model so it gives you options when it comes to space saving. Operation of the unit is push but simple.

The ice bin storage is made from stainless steel on the exterior and has H-GUARD protection. The machine also uses Antimicrobial technology to bring you fresher ice cube. It has 4 inch legs.

(3) – Hoshizaki KML-250MWH Ice Maker

Hoshizaki KML-250MWHThe KML-250MWH  ice machine is water cooled it also has a low profile design which is good for low ceiling settings at just 22 inches high. The machine produces 314lbs of ice a day – cube shaped.

It has been designed to be durable and give you long time service with it’s stainless steel exterior. It also uses H-Guard Plus – antimicrobial protection, which increases sanitation.

The unit is operated with a 115V electrical connection, in-order to use it you will need to hard wire it, as there is no cord or plug supplied with it. To install you will need to consult the manual to find out the correct process and requirements.

(4)- Hoshizaki C-100BAF-AD, 92 Lbs Ice/24Hr Cublet Flaker Ice Machine

Hoshizaki C-100BAF-ADHoshizaki’s C-100BAF-AD can make 92lbs of ice in 24 hours. It’s undercounter design comes up to 34 inches. So it is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

It comes with UL approval so it can be used outside. The storage capacity for ice is 22lbs. You can access the power switch without the need to remove the panel.

Clean up is easy with it’s disassembled water circuit capabilities. It has a front in and out air flow. The reversible door is also a convenient addition too.

Check out the suppliers online to see if you can find this ice make all the best!

(5) – Hoshizaki B-900*F Ice Storage Bin 660 lb – “NOT AN ICEMAKER“

Hoshizaki B900FThe B-900 is a storage bin for ice, so if you need all your ice stored this is a great companion to accompany any ice maker. Most ice makers come with storage, but this is usually only half the amount for the ice it can make.

You can store up-to 660lbs of ice and keep it crisp and clean. You get a 2 year warranty. It has been constructed so that it can be side side an ice maker or stacked on-top. You will need to use the manufacturers manual to determine sizes.

The storage bins feature vinyl clad galvanized steel cabinet exterior which is designed to help make cleaning easy.

The size dimensions are as follows the height is 46 inches, the Width is 52 inches and the depth is 32.5 inches.

These ice makers from Hoshizaki are top of the line. We have also provided a storage bin hers so that you have an option, when it comes to storing your ice.

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