Sonic Ice Machine For Residential & Commercial Use – Questions Answered

Everyone wants to get the best ice. So what is the the best ice? According to the avid ice eaters ” Sonic style ice” is the best ice. So where do you get a Sonic ice machine for residential commercial use? And what exactly is Sonic ice?

I will be answering the where? And What questions in this article so that their is no more confusion. I will also present you with some sonic ice makers for your home and commercial use.

Sonic Ice Explained

When you hear the words Sonic and ice, you will be forgiven if you think that it is some type of special ice sent down from space. But this is not the case.

So, what is Sonic ice really? Sonic ice goes by a number of other names such as:

1. Chewable ice by Scotsman (the true originators of sonic ice)
2. Pellet ice
3. Nugget ice
4. Pearl ice


*As you can see from the image above, this is what Sonic, Pellet, Chewable and Pearl ice look like. They are made up of about 80 percent ice and 20 percent water, which is what makes them chewable and most popular*

When you look at Sonic ices more general names it’s easier to understand what this ice is. Sonic ice is almost crushed ice, but it’s big enough so that it’s doesn’t melt immediately. It’s also not solid ice blocks which can take a long to melt, and be quite awkward when trying to chew.

The popularity of sonic ice stems from the fact that this ice is perfect for eating right out the box. It is also able to sit in a drink and melt just the way you want it to.

Where did the term Sonic ice come from?

The term Sonic ice has become the most popular name for this edible ice because of the Sonic restaurant drive thru chain, where the ice is readily available.

The truth is chewable ice was originally created by the industry leaders in ice making machines in 1981, Scotsman, which they call nugget  or chewable ice.

So now we have cleared up what Sonic ice is, the names it goes by and who really created it, here are some benefits.

  1. Nugget ice (Sonic ice) is easy to chew, so you can eat it by its self. You no longer need to struggle with hard ice cube blocks.
  2. This ice melts evenly in your drink, so there are no big ice cubes remaining in your drink after.
  3. The ice is small so can fit into most containers easily.
  4. Nugget ice (sonic ice) is made up of 80% ice and 20% water, which allows it to cool down a drink faster than an ice cube.

Here are some of the disadvantages of ice eating:

  1. People obsessed with chewing ice have been identified as a group of people linked to iron deficiency, which afflicts about 2% of U.S. adult males and as many as 16% of young females between the ages of 16 and 19, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  2. Chewing on ice cubes can damage your teeth (so chewable ice is much better).

Ice Chewing Addictions

The popularity of eating chewable ice is such a popular eating habit that an article about it has appeared in the wall street journal.

The story featured a 24 year old director who would eat 3 cups of ice before lunch. This is testament to the popularity of ice eating. There is even a medical condition for people that eat ice which is called “Pagophagia”.

Other interesting facts identified were that ice is sold predominantly during the summer, but for people that habitually chew ice it is bought all year round.

They reported that a Sonic drive thru in Texas sold as much as 13, 10-pound bags, at $1.49 apiece, in just one week.

Most famously country-music star Vince Gill, has had a Scotsman ice machine installed in his home for his regular supply of chewable ice. The machine was bought by his wife Amy Grant as a Christmas gift.

So In Summary.

Apparently the addiction to ice eating was around in the 1600’s.

If you want quality ice that melts just right in your drinks, then chewable ice is without a doubt the ice you want.

The price for an ice machine that makes this quality ice can be pretty steep for most people, but it’s definitely a life time investment.

If you’re a regular eater of ice 3 bags of ice a day is not uncommon. A bag of ice can cost anywhere from $1.49-2.00.

If we do the maths 3×1.49 = $4.47 a day! If we multiply that by 365 days in a year the total cost is $1,631.55!

A good ice machine by Scotsman that makes their ground-breaking 1981 chew-able ice will cost you Just over $2500…

This looks like a lot but remember that you can have as much ice as you like. Scotsman’s under-counter machines are able to make as much as 60lbs of chew-able ice a day.

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Is there a refrigerator that makes sonic ice?

There are refrigerators that can make ice cubes and crushed ice. Crushed ice is as good as chewable ice to some, so it can be a great alternative and refrigerators that make ice are generally cheaper than ice machines.

So there are crushed ice machine makers like sonic ice, buy generally they come from high end refrigerators.

Below you can see some ice machines and refrigerators that can make chewable, nugget and sonic style ice aswell as crushed ice.

Anyone of the machine will give you that chewable sonic ice you crave. Enjoy!

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